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Elevate Your Fitness With Exos at Ballpark Commons

Ignite YOUR potential with Exos.

A great workout is about more than sweat. It’s about getting the coaching, community support, and attention you deserve.

Technology Meets Performance

Science is the backbone of our methodology – not trends, not hype. We tailor performance plans and nutrition guidance based on what’s been proven in the field. And we continuously research and develop new data-driven solutions.

Short-Term Goals With Long-Term Vision

Putting theory into practice: our world-class coaches and practitioners are the ones who bring the Exos’ methodology to life as they help you reach your goals.

Sports Performance Training

From sports teams to Olympians to corporate leaders to chief home officers, Exos coaches help people accomplish their most meaningful goals. Our sports performance training and consultations with performance coaches are available for all ages and ability levels. Based on proven techniques and trusted by athletes worldwide, our performance training is a customized solution for individuals, teams and organizations.

Get Started With 21-Day Burn

Revolutionize your life and how you perform, look, and feel every day with Exos.
  • Unlimited 21-Day Burn classes
  • 4-pillar holistic approach
  • Accountability groups, individual attention
  • Movement screen and goal consultation
  • Nutrition fueling recommendations
  • Access to 100-yard indoor turf
  • Discounts on special events
  • And more!

All this for only $80.

*Must be 18 years or older. Certain conditions and restrictions may apply.

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