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Fall Baseball Camp – Sign Up Today!

Baseball-specific training with Exos and Colin Butkiewicz

Every Saturday | September 10 – October 29
First Group Starts: 10:00am
Second Group Starts: 10:45am
$25/session for guests | $10/session for current BPC members

First half: work with ex-Milkmen player Colin Butkiewicz as he coaches on throwing and hitting mechanics to optimize throwing velocity and exit velocity (speed of the ball as it leaves the barrel of the bat).

Second half: a certified Exos coach works with the athletes on arm care, power, strength, and energy systems development.

Don’t forget to bring your glove!

Sports Camps with Exos

Our Sports Camps in the Franklin area specialize in comprehensive athletic development that focuses on middle and high school athletes for all sports. Using the Exos methodology and small-group, plus personal interaction, our coaches will take your athlete to the next level.

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Speed & Agility Camp

Acceleration | Top Speed | Agility

Our Speed & Agility Camps emphasize both linear and multi-directional speed. This allows the athlete to develop specific movement skills under reactive and non-reactive conditions in an effort to optimize transfer in sport.

Power & Strength Camp

Strength | Power | Force Development

Power and strength are highly important for all sports and all athletes.This camp focuses on utilizing plyometrics, medicine balls, Olympic lift variations, and strength movements to increase the rate of force development.

Athlete Development Camp: Pre-Season Camp

Prep for Fall Athletic Season | Strength, Power, and Speed Developments

It’s time to get ready! This camp will assist in preparing your middle school or high school athlete for upcoming athletic seasons. Our coaches will focus on movement patterns, strength, power, and speed developments. Using the Exos methodology and personal interaction (only 12 athletes per session), our coaches will take your athlete to the next level.